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The first step in building a fire-pit

Many people prefer to build-a-fire-pit instead of using a portable charcoal bbq.

This page will show you some basic steps in building a firepit. This is the first step in which the foundation is being layed down before the blocks are started.

The above picture shows the firepit being built on a terraced hill. The diamond wall block work has already secured the terrace before the firepit was begun.

building a firepit

This is the second step in building a firepit - laying the stones to shape the fire-pit. Notice the rod in the center. It is used to get a perfect circle.

build fire-pit.

Cement is then poured in blocks that shape the firepit.


This is the last step in which the capstone has been placed on the fire-pit and the outside has been faced with stone. Fire-brick lines the inside of the firepit.

Notice the ground around the pit has been smoothed getting ready for laying the pavers.

home firepit

In this picture the pavers have been laid around the pit.

In the lower center you can see a walkway leading to stairs that lead down to the level of the paver patio.

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