and lawn edging

curbing preparation

You'll want to include landscape-curbing and lawn edging in your landscape plan.

It finishes off any landscape plan and gives a pleasing look to the property. As an example it can be used in the following ways:

  • front yard or back yards

  • to show off a feature rock

  • to sculpt the lawn edge

  • to edge a tree

  • to edge a patio

  • to separate a flower garden from lawn

  • Sculpted edging leaves a place for the lawnmower's wheel to ride where the blade will cut clear to the edge of the lawn, thus saving you time and effort in finishing edging.

    Many people who don't have curbing, or other lawn edging have to whack the lawn edges with an edge trimmer. Thus edge curbing will save you time and effort in your outside cleanup.


    Using landscape curbing and lawn edging adds a finished touch to your landscaping, making it possible for your yard to achieve the look of perfection.

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