When doing paver-installation, it is relatively simple. However, simple doesn't mean easy. It is backbreaking and a tedious job.

First you have to dig out the area that the pavers will occupy. This needs to be 5 inches below the finish level. Then you have to compact the soil, soak it with water to get it all settled.

paver ground preparation

You have to properly prepare the ground by getting it level and compacting the base material.

preparing ground for pavers

Then using a straight edge and carpenter type level you make sure everything is totally even.

laying pavers

Once the ground is prepared and leveled, then comes the tedious job of placing each paver. A random placement with no idea of a design usually works easiest.

The beauty of pavers is that you can easily correct a problem if settling occurs, by removing the settled pavers, filling with packed sand, and reinstalling at the proper level.

You can also tear up the pavers and make a different shape if you so desire.

installing pavers

This picture shows a patio as we are laying the pavers.

paver patio

This is the same patio but nearly finished laying the pavers.

When the job is finished, the look brings everything together, showing a look of completeness. It is one that you never tire of looking at, nor do you tire of feeling the pavers under your bare feet.

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Smoothing Ground for Pavers

Smoothing Ground
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