rose-types, are classified by their form, size and color of their flowers, as well as their seed structures, leaves, and stems

The first, and most popular class of roses are hybrid teas and grandifloras these are the long stemmed roses that you see in flower shops or recieve on valentines day. They come in every possible color you can imagine,(except true blue), and are available in bush plants and tree forms.

Second in popularity are florabundas, they flower in large clusters of small blossoms. plants are usually three to four feet tall, and are best used as a border or a hedge. they provide frequent and long lasting bloom cycles and are easy to care for.

Other rose types include miniatures, and mini floras. these are frequently in grocery stores, or in mothers day gift baskets.

Some more types are species and old garden theres alot of variety among old garden which include some that will bloom once and some that will bloom often. for the novice old garden may prove difficult.

Finally there are climbers they have two types, large flowered climbers which are considered true climbers and small flowered varieties which by nature many are a bush but through modern cultivation take on climbing characteristics

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