Landscaping in the southwest and western states in the USA makes possible many desert-landscape-ideas.

desert landscapes

Northern Nevada is still desert as was Utah before it's habitation. Only a few trees were found in the valley when Salt Lake City was founded. But desert landscaping and irrigation have made that area a beautiful place to live. As you drive across southern Idaho it is quite bleak and is quite a desert land. In each case, irrigating the land can produce beautiful yard and home landscapes.

You might choose to landscape your home with the traditional grass; or if you are located in the south, then using rock instead of grass is often done.

Because the southwestern states are so hot, and water is not as plentiful in some areas, people often use crushed rock instead of lawn.

Another reason for using rock is the cost of water to irrigate and it is often beyond reason due to evaporation making rock a much more desirable option.

Trees and bushes can have drip irrigation in the south west, as well as northern areas. of page


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