can be used when
landscaping a hill
front yard
back yard landscaping,
or small yards

When landscaping-with-rock , you have various sizes of rock to consider.

dry stack wall

  • Some people love feature boulders in their yard.
  • Others may use river rock in certain situations.
  • Gravel is often used for driveways

  • rock landscape

  • Rocks are often used in rock gardens or when landscaping a hill or slope, as in this picture.
  • Putting down gravel instead of grass saves water.

  • raised garden beds

  • Colored gravel is used in planters along the freeway and is often used by home owners as well.
  • Edging along a patio may be done with flat rock type pavers like the picture above.

  • You may choose a combination of the above, or only one, but whatever your choice, rocks are a good addition to add to your landscaping plans.

    front yard landscaping

    small yards

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