Soothing tranquility can be attained
with the sounds of fountains
or water features flowing
or cascading down a hill
into a koi pond in your backyard


Adding a koi-pond to your landscape plans will add much pleasure to your outdoor experience. Watching the Koi swimming is always relaxing and enjoyable.


You may provide a bush that will shade the water for the fish to hide under. All the plant life within the water helps keep the water clean and healthy for the fish. The correct plants will keep algae growth under control too.


Lilly pads add shade for the koi and they add nice pleasing appearance to your ecosystem.


In addition, the lily pads will contribute to the health of the water.


Having a waterfall that cascades down a hill, adds the tranquil, restful sound of running water. Your back yard will be a place of refuge where you can rest after a hectic day at the work place

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Koi Pond

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