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Even if you are an inexperienced beginner, with care-of-roses you can have a beautiful rose garden.

I once heard about the way to care for roses from an old timer. It seems that that she had what she thought was an amazing rose garden. She had hybrid tea roses over here, then over there she had grandifloras, next to those she had florabundas. out in front she had minifloras, and on her fence she had climbers. Well she had at least four of each variety.

The story goes that one day some hungry hippos got into her yard. They proceeded to eat the new growth of one plant, then they ate the new growth and pooped on another. Last they ate, pooped, then urinated on the third. They left the remaining roses untouched. They went and did this with all the varieties.

Well the old timer was furious, She almost tore everything out, Instead she left them out of frustration

Well next spring the ones that had been pruned by the hippos looked awesome. She had never seen the roses look so good. A month went by and she noticed that the ones that had been eaten and pooped on, were even more amazing.

Another month went by and she noticed that the roses that had been eaten, pooped, and urinated on were astounding. They were lush, and much fuller than the other roses, To make it even more unbelievable they didn't have any ailments to speak of.

So the meaning of this story is that with proper care of roses. Pruning, fertilizing, and spraying with herbicide. Anyone can have amazing roses, even an old timer with hungry hippos running around.

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