A wall-o-water can be added to your patio, deck or covered courtyard to add the sounds of water falling.

A water wall recycles without a pool for the water to fall into.

Some people love indoor wall water for their wall water feature. An indoor or outdoor water wall is theraputic as it can calm your mind after a hard day at work. Just hearing the sounds of water is calming.

Any water feature found on your property adds that relaxing wonderful sound. You might want to check out my koi ponds page HERE to get other ideas for using water as a soothing addition to your patio or indoor landscaping. A wall water fountain is always a nice addition.

I have made several water wall features for people and they absolutely love them. Don't forget to run the water through a water softener if your water is extremely hard. This will keep the hard water buildup from forming on your wall.

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