may include pavers
along with
patio and garden beds

When landscaping-small-yards your ideas have to be scaled down to fit in the size of your yard, whether it includes paver-patios and landscape-rocks, plus backyard-flower garden beds.

You will want to consider several things:

    • Where will your patio will be placed?
    • Will you have grass?

    • grass lawn

    • Will you have a poured patio?
    • Will it be made with pavers?

    • Will your yard be fenced?

    • Do you want a small rose garden?

    • Do you want a firepit?
    • Do you plan to have a garden?
    • garden raised bed

    • Will the garden be only in pots or other containers?

    • garden grow box

    • will it be in a raised bed?

    • What kind of trees do you want?

    Make a design plan of your yard so you can have a direction to work towards in landscaping your yard.

    Rose Gardens

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    landscape rock


    backyard landscaping

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