using mow-curb
adds a finished look to your home

landscaping-borders add definition to your lawn, pool, pond, or whatever your needs may be with mow curb or lawn edging.

A mow curb also gives an easy mowing edge for you to mow your lawn without the need of weed whacking.



2nd stage of progress towards final edging

You can begin to see the definition that curbing is bringing to this home landscape.


3rd and final stage of progress

The completed curbing project brings a finished look to this home. They may add landscape bushes, flowers, or even new trees but with the border it looks good as is.

You can use several approaches to your landscape-border. A sculpted mow curb gives an extra width for the lawn mower wheel to overlap the lawn just enough for the blade to get all the grass.

Laying down brick or pavers, or other stone edging can create a nice crisp edge against the lawn or patio.

You might want a walkway around your pond, and a border next to that would be just what the doctor ordered. of page


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