can be organic fertilizers
or lawn fertilizers

      what-is-fertilizer? Often times many have thought that if their plants are growing, and seem alright they must be fine. However, plants that are actively growing need organic fertilizer and other lawn fertilizers.

      Many nutrients are available in the soil, or in the water. however these are often insufficient for most plants you are attempting to grow

      So, how do you provide these nutrients? With fertilizer?

      Macro-nutrients, or the basic nutrients that plants need in large quantities, are

      • Nitrogen (N)

      • Phosphorous (P)

      • Potassium (K)

      These three key ingredients add up to a complete fertilizer.

      Nitrogen, is used by the plant in all over cell production. Therefore Nitrogen being the most necessary nutrient.

      Phosphorous, pushes the plant to fruit and flower and also helps the roots to grow.

      Potassium, makes the plant strong and helps prevent damage from disease and extreme hot or cold weather.


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